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                Silencing shutter

                Silencing is a kind of Venetian blinds to let air flow through, eliminate noise muffler window structure. Its general silencing quantity for 5 ~ 15 db (A), noise elimination characteristics in high frequency, the shutter muffler noise elimination performance is mainly determined by the single chip shutter, shutter spacing, installation Angle and the form of effective length of noise elimination and so on factors, can satisfy the ventilation and heat dissipation, daylighting, containment and control of noise radiated outward requirements.

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                • Product introduction

                Silencing shutter blades according to its form of different can be divided into: single arc silencing shutter, double row arc silencing shutter, inclined plate muffler shutter, folding plate muffler shutter


                Mainly used in ventilation system of air inlet, cut off noise to the environment or the indoor environment noise at the same time make the air circulation. Widely used in air vents, return air mouth corridor, recording and studio, sound insulation, sound insulation between rooms, cover and other places of noise transmission

                The main performance

                arc under the pressure loss of muffler shutter in general has superior sound performance, decrease the reach 5-15 db (A), the pressure loss of 30 or less pa, apply flow of every square metre 1500 m3 / h ~ 3000 m3 / h;

                all octave band has a good noise attenuation performance, conversation acoustic attenuation at 9 decibels


                stability, fire prevention, any weather are applicable non combustible acoustic packing

                airfoil separated leaves with the minimum differential pressure maximum noise attenuation, and leaf orientation divide the straight line of sight, to enhance the aesthetics and acoustic effects

                weather baffle can block rain or snow water intrusion

                suitable for installation in any specifications of the various specifications and structure in the form of linear ventilation in the "wall"galvanized steel, stainless steel can be selected according to different requirements, or other materials

                standard anechoic shutter adopt the method of piling up his building blocks can be easily formed large-scale stomach wall

                silencing shutter will generally have the effect of room window, but the space between the larger, Venetian blinds to prevent insects flying reptile enter indoor, can be installed on one side of the anechoic shutter insect nets (phi 1 * 12 * 12 galvanized wire mesh), as optional accessories

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