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                Metope metal sound-absorbing module

                Material introduction: Metope metal sound-absorbing module is designed for some special high noise test room wall and roof of the design of the sound absorption module, the product is thick, with high strength, sound absorption characteristics.

                • 产品介绍

                Structure: the surface mesh plate, made of galvanized steel or aluminum, the thickness of 0.8 ~ 2.0mm, equipped with a

                back sealing plate.

                Filler: environmental protection glass cotton / polyester fiber sound absorbing cotton / melamine sound absorbing cotton + glass fiber mat + damping soundproof felt (according to customer requirements).

                Fire prevention performance: the performance of the national A1 standards

                Features: good sound absorbing effect, high strength, impact resistant. Modular design, good decoration and convenient


                Scope of application: applicable to the room, laboratory and other acoustic requirements of the more stringent places of sound absorption, noise elimination.

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