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                Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board

                Polyester fiber sound-absorbing decorative board is made of 100% polyester fiber through hot-pressing, fusing and shaping into cocoon fiber. The sound-absorbing board is a new indoor decoration material integrated with sound absorption, thermal insulation and decoration.

                • 产品介绍

                A、Sound absorption:

                Polyester fiber soundabsorbing board has high sound absorption and is provided with cavity, which exposes a great influence on sound absorbing performance. When the board is porous thin sheet and tightly posted without cavity, the sound absorption coefficient of high frequency (above 2000Hz) is very high, but the coefficient of low-mid frequency (less than 2000Hz, especially lower than 500Hz) is very low. When the board is provided with cavity, the sound absorption of low frequency is greatly increased with cavity depth. The sound-absorbing performance of the board installed with 50mm cavity is better than the standard for Class I sound-absorbing material. If installed with 200mm cavity, the sound absorption coefficients of low to high frequencies are very high. Therefore the board can be used as full-band sound absorption material.

                B. Fire prevention

                The fireproof performance of polyester fiber sound-absorbing decorative board is in line with the requirements of Class B1 stated in GB 8621. See the following table for fireproof performance testing.

                CMoisture resistance and thermal insulation

                DHigh tensile strength, impact resistance and durability

                ESimple sound absorbing structure, quick and easy construction and installation, material & labor saving, and lower sound-absorbing decoration cost.

                Applicable places:Polyester fiber sound absorbing decorative board is safe and reliable in operation. On the one hand, the material is non-toxic and will not generate and volatilize harmful substances, on the other hand, it is a porous material, having greater tensile strength and impact resistance; even if it is locally damaged, the material will not be scattered into debris or damage other objects and human body. Therefore, it is relatively applicable to the sound-absorbing decoration for public places and buildings.

                Polyester fiber sound absorbing decorative board can be used as the finish material of indoor wall and ceiling. The decorative board is used to control reverberation time of teletorium, recording studio, listening room, tuning control studio, concert hall, theater, lecture hall, dance hall, KTV compartment, gymnasium, conference room, voice classroom and music room, to achieve high tone quality. In addition, the board is also applicable to public places including airport terminal, station waiting hall, wharf waiting room, shopping mall, exhibition hall, hotel lobby, hotel dining hall, library, reading room and open office, to reduce noisy reverberant and provide quieter acoustic environment. Of course, it can also be used in plant and equipment room for sound absorption and reduction.

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